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Web 3.0 Tower Defense 

SpaceY 2025

Now Available on PC & Browser




The World of Spacey2025

Welcome to Spacey 2025, an immersive sandbox tower defense game that transports you to a thrilling future where humans have set their sights on colonizing Mars.

Embark on an epic journey as you lead the charge in this interplanetary adventure, facing a colossal challenge that stands between humanity and its dream of a new home among the stars: the relentless alien threat.

As you begin your expedition to Mars, you'll quickly realize that this is not just an ordinary colonization mission.


The cosmos has thrown a curveball at humanity, as cunning and formidable extraterrestrial creatures stand in your way, determined to defend their territory from the encroaching humans.


The aliens are fierce and possess a unique adaptability that makes them even more dangerous as you progress through the game.

The fate of the Martian colonies lies in your hands!  

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